Hapto is  a unique hand-held gaming controller that enables you to feel the shape, the density, and the distance of objects within a virtual space.

                                                                             You touch VR — You feel VR!

Unlike all the other controllers in the world, Hapto doesn’t only vibrate, but also gives you a pushing effect. And that’s precisely what Hapto simulates perfectly realistically! 

It also has finger-tracking, which reflects any of your finger movements: grab, pull, push, and tickle in VR! And feel. Feel! FEEL!

With Hapto, you get all the functionality of the best controllers existing out there as well as the most real tactical experience! It’s quick! It’s accurate! And it’s unbelievably realistic!

Hapto's unique haptic feedback feature provides physical feedback so that you can "feel" a virtual object being touched inside a game or an application. This way, it works both as a completely functional controller in any VR apps and programs, and, simultaneously, as an innovative device that lets you physically feel the things that you touch or take hold of or interact with in virtual reality.

20 pushers switching by turns with varying degrees of activity provide various effect according to the things you touch in VR and  ensure most realistic feelings.

Hapto is compatible with any gear for the PC (including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) as well as any Android mobile devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream View, Merge - VR Goggles. 

And  we’re going to provide compatibility with Mac and iOS.