How to use Hapto?

Hey friends!

We’re often asked about using Hapto. And so we decided to make a special post about it.

Using Hapto is a piece of cake! Really!

1. You put it on

2. You’re set up!

Hapto’s compatible with mobile devices with Android 5.1 or later.

And it’s also compatible with PC. Add a web-cam and you’re done.

The device is using Bluetooth 4.2 – the most stable & fast version.. So any lags have no chance. 

Everything about Hapto’s compatibility

Hey, friends!

We often receive questions about Hapto’s compatibility with the VR-gears.

And today we decided to dedicate a special post to this matter.

Right now Hapto’s compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google cardboard, Google - Daydream View VR Headset and Merge - VR Goggles.

In the nearest future we’re going to add HTC Vive, Hololens, OSVR and PSVR to this list.

But as we always mention… we’re aware that there are many more types of gears.

So if there is any particular model you’d like Hapto to be compatible with, please don’t hesitate to mention it :) We’d be glad to make your dreams come true :)

Hapto’s ready to rush!

Be the 1 st to watch Hapto’s promo video!

The one we’re going to Indiegogo with ;)

Please let us know what d’you think. ;)

Did we make it? Is it inspiring enough? Did we manage to deliver all the uniqueness and

revolutionary of Hapto?

We do need your opinion! It’s meaningful and valuable for us!

Leave your comments, share this video with your friends and let’s do our best to help Hapto get a blasting start!

Super-functions of Super-Hapto

Hey, friends!

Today we decided to present all the super-abilities of Hapto – a real Superman among VR-controllers.

So, what do we have?

– Ergonomic shape, suitable for hands of all sizes
– 20 pushers, providing 100% accurate and real feelings
– 4 buttons for pointing, grabbing, reloading and changing your weapon – with these buttons any actions available in a game or app are available with Hapto
– The movement-catching light circles placed on both Hapto’s sides catch your every single move
– A convenient strap allows to perfectly adjust Hapto to your hand

And with all these Hapto’s really small – just 2.7 in wide, 3.5 in long and 3.5 in thick.
Small, comfy and extremely powerful! That’s why Hapto’s really invincible as a super-controller! :)