Super-functions of Super-Hapto

Hey, friends!

Today we decided to present all the super-abilities of Hapto – a real Superman among VR-controllers.

So, what do we have?

– Ergonomic shape, suitable for hands of all sizes
– 20 pushers, providing 100% accurate and real feelings
– 4 buttons for pointing, grabbing, reloading and changing your weapon – with these buttons any actions available in a game or app are available with Hapto
– The movement-catching light circles placed on both Hapto’s sides catch your every single move
– A convenient strap allows to perfectly adjust Hapto to your hand

And with all these Hapto’s really small – just 2.7 in wide, 3.5 in long and 3.5 in thick.
Small, comfy and extremely powerful! That’s why Hapto’s really invincible as a super-controller! :)