Why use Hapto SDK?

Hapto SDK is a software platform for VR/AR applications and other PC/Mobile platforms to provide tactical feeling in the following applications:

● VR/AR Games, such as Minecraft, first-person shooters, horror games, etc;

● Medical or rehab games and applications for the elderly, the disabled, and the injured;

● Military training or sports exercises;

● Educational physical exercise in schools. Hapto SDK provides API for Hapto controllers, so that a game developer can support the feeling of VR/AR objects or tactical feedback in their games.

It provides two types of interfaces:

  1. API for providing the data for positioning, rotation, buttons and the controls in Hapto controllers—like a send command to change color, turn on/off devices, vibrate or push one’s palms.
  2. API to support very easy haptic integration. The game developer justeeds to provide a raw mesh of the present objects that need to be felt and updates both the hand and its position, the rotation, the scale, and the bones (in case of Skinned Mesh).

The Unity plugin allows for easy integration and support for each game object’s feeling. Here is what it looks like:

Install Hapto SDK
Download and install the latest Hapto SDK from http://hapto.me/developers/ or http://intellectmotion.com:81/hapto.unitypackage

Hapto Unity3D plugin
The Hapto Unity plugin provides an all-in-one prefab (FPSController.prefab) that you need to just drag and drop in the scene and press the “Add Haptic Objects from this Scene” button in the “Inspector” tab in the “Hapto Controller (Script)” section.
Everything else is handled by the plugin automatically. There is nothing else to worry about!

You can set up the setting depending on your game. This includes properties like the scale of motion, the range of haptic events (how close you need to touch game object to feel it), etc.

Getting Started with Hapto in Unity3D

Download the latest Hapto Unity plugin from http://hapto.me/developers/ or http://intellectmotion.com:81/hapto_sdk.zip
●    Create a new Unity project. Hapto works with Unity 4.6 or higher, but we recommend Unity 5.3 or higher.
●    Import the Hapto.unitypackage into the project.
●    Open Assets > Hapto > Scenes > Christmas.unity scene. This scene demonstrates the first-person controller VR setup.

Hapto platforms and support

Hapto SDK now supports C/C++, Java, the C# programming languages on both platforms, Windows (version 8.1 or higher) and Android (version 5.1 or higher).
Both the Oculus and the GearVR platform are supported as well as any VR glasses that run on Windows and Android. 

Not VR/AR games and applications support

By strapping a Hapto controller to your hand, you can control your PC with intuitive gestures. The Hapto controllers replace anything you can do with a mouse and a keyboard. This means that they are compatible with your existing games and applications.
Hapto can be best used in first-person shooter games for the PC such as “Call of Duty”. Simply extend your hand in 3D space to move forward and retract your hand to move backward (basically, the same as “W” and “S” on a keyboard). Pressing buttons controls the camera view by hand and the trigger button respectively (same as with the mouse on PC).
The user has to connect his PC to the TV via the HDMI cable. 

Design games for 3 Hapto attached to one person. Design multiplayer kick-boxing games with 2 Hapto, each Z-channel depth movement precise enough for 3D menus, controlled movements in full 3D space including movements, jumps, dodges, etc. Touch and control 3D objects in gaming scenes. Provide physical feedback from incident in-game elements of physical fighting scenes.