Our SDK for Hapto will be out soon. Do get in touch with us at for more information.

Meanwhile, here’s giving you an idea of what you can develop with Intellect Motion’s products

Replace Keyboard inputs – mouse’s left, right and scroll wheel; and the keyboard’s “Enter”, “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right” buttons as well as Swype-type keyboard inputs. Design RTS games for 3 Hapto attached to one person Design Kick-boxing games with 2 multi-players with 2 Hapto each Z-channel depth movements precise enough for 3D menus Medical or rehab games or applications for elderly , disabled , injured Military training or sport exercises Educational physical exercising in schools Replicate drag-drop options for various applications Control movements in full 3D space including movements, jumps, dodges etc. Touch and control 3D objects in gaming scenes Provide physical feedback from game incidents Elements of physical fighting scenes Add a Swype-type of keyboard, for the user to instantly chat with other users Design games / applications for upto to 4 multiplayers sharing a single screen


By strapping an Hapto controller to your hand, you can control your PC with intuitive gestures. The Hapto controllers replace anything you can do with a mouse and keyboard. That means they are compatible with your existing games and applications. All you need is the Hapto controller and free toolkit (soon downloadable from our website).

Hapto can be best played with first person shooter PC games such as “Call of Duty”. Simply extend your hand in the 3D space to move forward and retract your hand to move back (the same as “W” and “S” on a keyboard). Pressing buttons hand controls the camera view and the trigger button respectively (same as with your PC mouse).

The user has to connect his PC to the TV via HDMI cable. Download the IM Toolkit and start controlling his computer.

System requirements

Compatible with MAC / Windows / LINUX ( Works best through HDMI cable for PC – TV connections ) Camera minimum spec 640 x 480 and 30 FPS or an external camera


Mobile apps (that have integrated our SDK) will also work perfectly with Hapto. Download your favorite mobile application integrated with our SDK. Plug in our product. Connect your mobile to your big screen TV and voilà – you have a virtual touchscreen in thin air.

Mobile developers can use Intellect Motion’s products as a means to monetize their applications. For more mail us at

Mobile Platform / Device requirements

Compatible with mobile apps that are integrated with Hapto SDK Mobile phones / Tablets that support HDMI/MHL cables ( check your here ) HDMI/MHL cable for Mobile – TV connections Camera minimum spec 640 x 480px and 30 FPS Bluetooth module or external USB Bluetooth adapter

Smart TV

Intellect Motion’s products will be soon on upcoming SMART TV models. Once the Native Development Kit is out for various TV platforms, users can just download integrated games and applications and control their TV.

We plan to soon support some of the major Smart TV models such as Google TV, Ubuntu TV, Apple TV.